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The GIANT Cover

I have a cover.  I’m working on the last formatting details, a acknowledgement page, copyright page, and conversion to Kindle format (Amazon doesn’t require a pricey ISBN number to publish, so I’m heading there first).  Honestly I always pictured this as a physically printed novel, and it still could be, but this is all very [...]

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Copyright Filed

I’m pressing ahead with e-publishing.  I’ve read a lot on the subject, some of which is helpful, most not so much.  I think I have the general requirements in place.  I’ve filed my copyright application on the copyright office’s land before time website.  Whew.  I typed in my name and address a dozen times.  The [...]

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Editing / Agenting / Publishing

I’ve had some unexpected time to edit the manuscript.  Now I only have a few more pages to look through.  I’m happy with the ending – it received a big tweak / rewrite a few drafts ago and it has made the GIANT a much better novel.  I can’t be more specific – I don’t [...]

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New Query is Out!

The new query is complete and released to the world.  It would have been out a few weeks ago, but reading through agents’ requirements I saw they wanted a synopsis.  Of course.  I had a synopsis (from the first round of queries two years ago).  The synopsis was labeled “good”.  Opps.  Some sort of clerical [...]

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