Editing / Agenting / Publishing

I’ve had some unexpected time to edit the manuscript.  Now I only have a few more pages to look through.  I’m happy with the ending – it received a big tweak / rewrite a few drafts ago and it has made the GIANT a much better novel.  I can’t be more specific – I don’t [...]

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The edits roll on

Past the first 6 chapters I continued my edit – I was on a roll and figured the length of time away from the story would give me a fresh perspective.  The seventh chapter is the beginning of the second half of the book and man did it need some massive editing.  It had always [...]

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New Query Letter

For five months (?) I’ve been working on a new query letter.  To start I pulled pieces of the manuscript and other query letter versions into a new super-query letter.  It was a mess, but a mess beats a blank page.  So I went to work editing the mess, crossed out everything, and pulled out [...]

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Looking Back

theGIANTbook.com’s documentary/blog is now running on a wordpress based blog.  WordPress seems to do better (than my previous blog engine) in search engines, has more features, and once you figure out the template structure, not so hard to customize the look of the page.  And I lost the password to my previous blog engine. During [...]

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The Polish Edit

I haven’t had much time in the past few weeks to work on the polish edit of the GIANT, but I’ve found enough time to make it through the first 40 (of 218 and shrinking) pages. It’s going well, most passages flow well and I don’t feel the compulsion to rewrite everything. The heaviest work [...]

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