Looking Back

theGIANTbook.com’s documentary/blog is now running on a wordpress based blog.  WordPress seems to do better (than my previous blog engine) in search engines, has more features, and once you figure out the template structure, not so hard to customize the look of the page.  And I lost the password to my previous blog engine. During [...]

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This Isn’t Bad

I have focused on numbers lately, but I have been doing a lot of good writing as well. I’ve been keeping a list of questions dating back for a year or more. The questions are pretty much the result of my not having an outline. Have I properly explained this plot point? Is this idea [...]

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Halfway There

I have devoted a lot of time to writing lately and I find myself halfway though the edit. There are many ways to measure progress, the most obvious is quantitative. I can look at what number page I’m on in the physical print and see how many pages remain, though this is not too accurate. [...]

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Origins of the GIANT

Where does the GIANT start? Where was it born? I lived in Connecticut a few years back. I woke up from a dream one morning. A pretty powerful one. Strong enough for me to dig out an old sketchbook from a few years back and sketch out the dream (This was something I didn’t do [...]

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