Copyright Filed

I’m pressing ahead with e-publishing.  I’ve read a lot on the subject, some of which is helpful, most not so much.  I think I have the general requirements in place.  I’ve filed my copyright application on the copyright office’s land before time website.  Whew.  I typed in my name and address a dozen times.  The application was only 35 bucks – not too shabby.

ISBN numbers are a little more pricey.  They’re 125 if you buy one, but get drastically cheaper if you buy multiples.  Like 1,000 number for 1,000 dollars.  I can get the number for free if I use a third party publishing service.  Of course they take a percentage of my royalty payments.  For now my plan is to publish the GIANT on platforms that don’t require ISBNs.  We’ll see what happens down the road.

I’ve also been working on a cover for the book.  I’m not a graphic designer, but I’ve taken my share of design classes so I feel qualified to do it myself.  I could pay someone to do it, but the prices I would want to pay don’t generate good covers.  I want to keep the cover stripped down – Title, Author, and possibly a tagline.  Along with a strong graphic.  I have a few pictures in the running – dark and mysterious and all the like.

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