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Promo Images

Self-publishing the GIANT as an ebook will require loads of marketing to be successful.  I don’t have my full marketing strategy worked out, but I know I can use lots of images.  I’m posting them to facebook (follow the GIANT on facebook here) – if I can make them catchy enough friends will share them [...]

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Editing / Agenting / Publishing

I’ve had some unexpected time to edit the manuscript.  Now I only have a few more pages to look through.  I’m happy with the ending – it received a big tweak / rewrite a few drafts ago and it has made the GIANT a much better novel.  I can’t be more specific – I don’t [...]

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The edits roll on

Past the first 6 chapters I continued my edit – I was on a roll and figured the length of time away from the story would give me a fresh perspective.  The seventh chapter is the beginning of the second half of the book and man did it need some massive editing.  It had always [...]

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