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Query Letters, the Synopsis, and Formatting

I’m pretty set on a query letter now. It took a ton of drafts to condense a novel into 180 words. It’s not the entire novel, more of a teaser to spark interest from an agent, but still – there’s a ton to put in there. I’ve been through maybe ten or fifteen drafts. None [...]

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Querry Letters

I’ve been through three drafts of my query letter today. I don’t know what the total count is, nor do I want to. When I first started this process I made pages of notes, thinking that I would work in subplot after subplot. I’ve distilled the main idea, but I might have gone a little [...]

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The Polish Edit is Finished

Time for celebration? After years of writing, I have a novel that I feel comfortable sending to agents and / or publishers. It feels good to have a complete manuscript, though after years of writing and editing, now I have to do something new. Market. Oh boy. I’ve been working on a query letter for [...]

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