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Another Draft is Finished

I can feel the end of this book coming on. I finished up the new ending this afternoon. There’s one whole new chapter plus an epilogue sort of thing. Before those is a chapter that was heavily reworked and a moderately reworked chapter. So . . . those chapters will need a few more passes [...]

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Writing a New Ending

I’ve had the opportunity to devote a lot of time to writing as of late, and feel that if I don’t take the opportunity to do it now, I’ll never have it again. So, I’ve been writing and editing, writing and writing a lot these past few weeks. I think its paying off – the [...]

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Writer’s Block

My former understanding of writer’s block came from popular media. Writer’s block was something like this: a writer sits in front of his typewriter staring at a blank piece of paper, unable to think of the final paragraph that will finish his next Great American Novel. Here’s what I think it is now. Writer’s block [...]

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Rough Roads and Smooth Sailing

My slow editing, writing, and rewriting continued, but today I made it over the hump and really slammed out some pages. I know I talk a lot about the number of pages I have left, or the number I get through in a day, but it’s not a quantity issue. With the revising, assuming I’m [...]

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