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OK, Now I’m Excited Again

I was down to the last nine pages of the edit, plus the new ending chapter I had to write from scratch. It turned out that I painted myself into a corner, or wrote a story to nowhere, I suppose in this case. What to do, what to do? I tried diagramming what I wanted [...]

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Lately I’ve been thinking that I should just give up, that the GIANT is a waste of time. I’ll never work out the story, never make the plot believable for everyone. In the past I’ve felt this way when I’ve hit a block, a rut, and that is also the case now. So, just a [...]

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Plans for the Next Edit

I continue to make major cuts towards the end here. Granted, I did revise the plot making much of the text outdated, but during past edits I think I cruised towards the end. Before, when I was near the end I tended to gloss over errors (this is obvious to me reading it now). My [...]

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Draft 5 is Nearing Completion

I’ve had a lot of time to write lately and it’s been going well. The weather has been nice this week which has also lifted my spirits and cast a warmer glow on the GIANT. I’ve done a lot more cutting than writing lately – the total page count has dropped by ten or so [...]

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Feeling Good

I’m feeling really good about the GIANT now. I have only 66 pages to go and am hitting a stretch of the book that doesn’t need so much intensive work. When I have to rewrite a passage or a sentence I’m never sure if I’ll like it on the edit, but when I’m happy with [...]

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