Monthly Archives: January 2010

Halfway There

I have devoted a lot of time to writing lately and I find myself halfway though the edit. There are many ways to measure progress, the most obvious is quantitative. I can look at what number page I’m on in the physical print and see how many pages remain, though this is not too accurate. [...]

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Crawling Along

A few weeks later it’s still slow going, but this was a particularly slow (even boring at times) stretch, so all the work is worthwile. I think I’m about through this passage and should be making some good time soon – I hope. I’ve been working on the GIANT for many years now, and I [...]

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A New Year

The first part of the GIANT is complete, it’s now onto the second. I had thought that the second part would go more quickly than the first, but so far I’m moving no more quickly than before. It seems like I’ve been working on some of these pages for days at a time. The slowness, [...]

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