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The Hand Edit Continues

I have moved through the edit of the first section of the GIANT (which is about 20% of the book), and have made a decision. My last hand edit was an intensive affair, where I hand wrote long passages, but it was a slow process. So far, this edit is no different and has been [...]

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Onto the Next Draft

The GIANT is broken into two sections, and it is clear from the outside edit that the first section needs a fair amount of work. It has been months since I have read through the entire manuscript, and more than a year since I’ve held a physical copy of it. Additionally, I have tweaked the [...]

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Editor’s Comments

I’ve flipped through the latest manuscript which has my editor’s, Stacy, comments. It is quite helpful to see the story through another person’s eyes. There have been quite a few, “why did I do that?” revelations on my part. Stacy left quite a few notes on the pages. I am not a professional writer, nor [...]

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