This is Like Work

I’m down to the grit of the story – the parts that STILL aren’t worked out. Places where I haven’t added enough description, or where the characters are a little off. The description I understand – I now see that as a problem of mine. I tend to gloss over pieces, filling in the details in my mind. But the character stuff bugs me.

A few years ago when this all started the characters were a little different. I have since changed them for the better, but some of their old decisions, motivations, speech, etc. were still there. I thought I would have caught all of that in the last physical edit. Nope.

But – things are starting to shape up. There’s big sections that I’m happy with. I’ve read every word at least four times, so the parts that still excite me and make me want to read more make me happy. I figure if I (the writer) want to read more, someone who hasn’t read the book before will want to – that’s my hope anyway.

The pace of my edit has slowed down a bit. I was motoring along for several weeks, but other non-book issues have demanded more attention of me lately. I’m trying to remain focused, but time slips away from me quickly.

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