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32 Pages Remain

32 pages remain for the hand edit to digital conversion. I’ve devoted more time to the effort now. I find that I can go for two hour stretches without getting out of the seat or getting distracted. Getting distracted has been a real problem for me in the past. Reading books or magazines being the [...]

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11 More Pages

I slammed out 11 more pages today in just over an hour. An hour seems to be a good time frame for inputting edits for me. Any longer and I get really twitchy. I’m happy when I run across a page with only a few edits on it. But they are few. Most have lots [...]

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Entering the Edits

I’m now in the process of making the digital revisions based on the physical edits from my previous printed draft. When I’m finished I will have a completed Draft 4. It doesn’t seem like so many drafts would be possible. More scary is the thought that there will be a few more drafts before I [...]

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