Monthly Archives: January 2009

Back to Edit Inputting

I’ve been back to editing the digital file based on my hand editing of the last printed copy. Everything is gong well enough. The biggest problem is trying to understand what I was trying to accomplish months ago when I made the edits. I drew lines and arrows, crossed out words, put numbers on the [...]

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Some Catchup

I never like doing the “catch up” sort of posts. I don’t quite capture the emotions of the moment, but I feel I should note the past few months efforts in editing. August through late October saw little activity on the editing front. Late October I was laid off from my paying job. After a [...]

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For more than a year, has been a blog site. As of Janruary 25th, 2009 it is a multi page site. Previously the blog/documentary looked very much like a blog that you might see anywhere. I have found new software that allows me to customize the look of the blog to make it look [...]

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