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Page 130

Onto page 130 now. Less than 60 to go. Some quick math says that I’m 2/3 through this edit. That’s good news for the end of the edit. I’m beginning to question how much of the plot makes sense. How much will it translate to the reader? I think I need to go back to [...]

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More About

I wrote in the previous post about You may be slightly confused reading the rest of this post, if you have not read the Myspace post. While adding friends to my myspace account I have come across many authors, some, it seems, trying to do just what I am attempting. Clearly, nothing I am [...]

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Over 100

I had a full weekend with no pressing obligations. So late Sunday evening I do some editing. Not very amazing progress, but I’m over 100 pages with about 80 to go. This will still need an on-screen edit with a few sections printed to edit. A few months ago I didn’t want to do that, [...]

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