Monthly Archives: March 2008

The Massive Edit

I printed the draft one sided so that I could use the backside for longer passages of writing. There are still some chunks ( at least in the first third) that need quite a bit of work. The first part of the book (30 pages of this draft) is now pretty tight. I still enjoy [...]

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Bring on the Print

I wrote the initial drafts in WordPad – it comes free with windows. It’s a rich text editor, so it has all the formatting I need. But it has no spell check. I was writing the book on a old stripped down computer. The reason? No internet, no games, no distractions. I put a few [...]

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A Long Overdue Update

Clearly in terms of a regular chronicling of the efforts – I have fallen off. This does not necessarily mimic the progress of the GIANT – but as of late there has been a big slow down in the editing. Here I will provide an update as to where the work stands. Then step back [...]

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