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Once Again, I’m Feeling Positive About the Book

I’m still working on the first chunk of the book. Recently I printed and edited this first piece – which was greatly needed. When I returned to the computer I still felt a little apprehensive about how good it would be. The trouble is that I don’t want to give too much away in the [...]

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Outside Factors

I’ve purposely kept out all other aspects of my life from this project (written in a blog, I’m not sure if this really should be called a documentary). But there are several things besides my writing ability and work ethic that will help determine the outcome of this effort. I purchased an older house a [...]

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Back to the Computer

I’ve finished revising the printed portion of book – the first section. I’ve tried to give it some structure and rythm that it was missing desparately before. Much of that structure was in the form of written notes to myself. So I’ll have to do most of the hard work now. Ideas are easier to [...]

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Back to Writing

I think I had about a month off from actively working on the book, but now I’m back into it. The first piece of the book is supposed to generate some questions and interest and build a little suspense. Though, rewriting some of the original pieces of the book, it was clear that most of [...]

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