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Three Paragraphs

Just before I finished the first draft I came across some stuff I had written months ago. I remembered writing it in a short period of time. There was little to no editing done on the passage before I came across it again. I was surprised at how much I still liked it. I had [...]

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And just like that, its finished. I really hit a groove and finished off the end of the beginning of the book (the last major hole in the thing). And funny enough, I felt happy and a little proud that it was done. I’m not sure if it will, but to date, the whole project [...]

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Almost There

In my life I have started probably 50 things for every one that I finish. Maybe. Usually its the way I operate, once I can see how something is going to turn out, I let it sit. I’ve got endless pages of sketches, a stack of half-finished paintings, and more than a few table tops [...]

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“What is the book about?”

I was talking to a friend who asked me that question the other day. Here’s how I answered it: Me: It’s a fiction book. Her: About what? Me: [hmm? what is it about?] It’s about the end of the world, and a couple people that try to save things. Her: So, its a religious thing? [...]

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Closing in on 95,000 words now. I’m writing this as a rich text file, and don’t have a word counter in the program, but I’ve estimaged that for 1 kb = 172 words. Or something close to it. Originally I figured on 100,000 words for the book, with no real base of knowledge or anything. [...]

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