Monthly Archives: November 2006

American Gods

I finished reading American Gods by Neil Gaimon today. On a side note, I would recommend picking it up. I felt a little sad to leave that particular world. More precisely to have my connection with that world cut off. If I had my choice I would just turn to the next page and continue [...]

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First Draft Naming

I’ve named the first official draft: Draft 1a. The cover reads: Draft 1a: Copy not complete. This version is an on-screen edit of the text in order to facilitate and complete the closing chapters. In doing so, some of the previously written material may be changed or deleted. Refer to previous copies of the text [...]

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Origins of the GIANT

Where does the GIANT start? Where was it born? I lived in Connecticut a few years back. I woke up from a dream one morning. A pretty powerful one. Strong enough for me to dig out an old sketchbook from a few years back and sketch out the dream (This was something I didn’t do [...]

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